Cool Stuff

Items for your Home, Boat, Car or Person – The Dock Shop has items that will beg the question from your friends, “Hey, Where did you get that?”


From Cooler Lights to Solar Lights, Dock Bars and Multi Tools we have the stuff all your friends will be trying to steal from you.

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Personal Accessories

Bottle Openers, Cork Screws, Flasks, Sunglasses, Belts and Jewelry – All with a Nautical Flare that tells the story of who you are and how you became that person. Fisherman, Boater or Beach Bum You’ll find it at The Dock Shop

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Cars and Boats

Ornamental pieces for your car or boat. Grillies Grill Ornaments,
Signal Flags, Antenna Toppers, Decals and the like will let you accessorize your Ride whether on the Open Road or Open Sea.

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